Best 8 Marriage Intensive Retreats in US

In today’s society, it is difficult to make a marriage work. Most people do not view holy matrimony as it once was, and inevitably their unions end in divorce.

However, there are a number of ways that couples can work on themselves as individuals and their relationship with their significant other.

One of the best methods of fixing or improving a marriage is through a marriage intensive retreat coupled with some good old fashioned intensive marriage counseling.

An intensive marriage weekend is not something that most couples think of when the topic of saving their marriage comes up. Despite that, a weekend alone with a therapist and some husband and wife exclusive activities may not only provide some much needed vacation time from work, kids, and family, it could also light the spark in a marriage that once existed when you first said ‘I do’.

There are a number of such retreats that couples may choose from, and this article rates the very best in the United States from 1 thru 8.

These retreats and their service providers counsel couples from all walks of life, no matter how long you’ve been married or how bad your relationship have gotten.

1) Relationship Rescue Academy

Phone: 765-575-4617 Location: Kokomo, Indiana Fee: $3,800 (3 days)

The #1 marriage retreat on our list is Relationship Rescue Academy located in Indiana. This was an easy pick because of the many rave reviews, plus this academy provides a unique setting for couples to really focus on their relationship.

Facilitated by a licensed marriage therapist in quiet wooded cabins, couples will learn practical tools that will enable them to not only stay together, but thrive.

While compiling this list of the very best marriage retreats in the US, we’ve learned that many of them offer a one-size-fits all approach. This approach isn’t good enough because couples are unique with different backgrounds, personality and history.

We thought that this program have a broad collection of knowledge in terms of dealing with couples from diverse backgrounds. This approach allows them to accurately address specific wants and needs of every individual couple.

They have learned how to understand and effectively work with different personality types with very unique situations. That’s why we don’t think the one size fits all counseling approach is very good as couples are distinctly different.

One of thing that really pushed this particular program to #1 is that couples will actually leave the program with practical tools that they can use in their relationship at at home, long after the retreat is over.

Instead of being dependent on therapy to help them solve issues, couples will leave the retreat with a sense of empowerment and self-confidence that they can make it through long term.

3 days of intense marriage counseling at the Relationship Rescue Academy will cost you around $3,800 per couple (lodging is included in the cost). For really severe situations with multiple issues, we suggest the 4 day retreat package.


2) Marriage Quest

Phone802-563-3063  Locations: Cabot, Vermont Fee: $4,500 (3-days)


Marriage Quest in the U.S. state of Vermont has been providing couples with intensive marriage retreats for at least twenty years. Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Marriage Quest focuses on sex within the union between a husband and wife.

This intensive marriage retreat is procured by Dr. Israel Helfand and wife Cathie. Dr. Helfand has spent over a decade as a sex therapist, and believes that intimacy can solve even the unruliest of discord in a marriage.

There are a number of husband and wife tandems that facilitate marriage intensives around the country, but we found Israel and Cathie to be one of the best. They have experience working with couples that stretch all the way back to the 90’s.

The cost to attend a 3 day Marriage Quest intensive is about $4,500 per couple (lodging, food and travel cost is not included in the package).

When you consider the dollar amount for a divorce, we believe that the $4,500 price tag to help improve your relationship is well worth the trip to Cabot, Vermont.

As you can imagine, the one complaint about this program is the initial investment of $4,500 and the expense associated with traveling to Vermont, and then having to pay for lodging and food on top of everything else.

We get the price can be somewhat of a challenge to some couples, but if you can swing it financially, we highly recommend Marriage Quest.

3) Marriage Rescue Associates

Phone704-464-1912 Location: Charlotte, North Carolina Fee: $2,795

John and Wendy Godfrey are founders of  Marriage Rescue Associates, they are well respected christian marriage counselors in Charlotte, NC. They’ve been counseling couples with deep rooted issues for over 25 years. Although they have a faith-based curriculum, they won’t reject services to non-religious couples.

They are third on our list because they flat out “get it.” They really have a unique after care program offering 6 months of phone follow-up sessions to ensure that your relationship is growing in strength.

We know a post retreat program is necessary for couples whose marriage were in crisis mode.  For continued growth after your retreat is over, Marriage Rescue check all the boxes.

The packages start at $2795 for 3 days, $3695 for 4 days and $4595 for 5 consecutive days. Meals, transportation and lodging are not included in the price. Marriage Rescue Associates are a non-group intensive program meaning that you and your spouse will have complete privacy. You will get one-on-one attention, and won’t get shuffled between a number of different therapist.

4) Gottman Private Couples’ Retreat

Phone206-313-0471 Location: Orcas Island, Washington Fee: $7,500 (2 Day)


Dr. John Gottman and his wife Julie are the headmasters of the Gottman Institute. Located in Washington state, the Gottman’s who developed some of the most successful workshops for couples started conducting private, intimate marriage retreats 14 years ago.

Attending a Gottman retreat will deepen your respect for your spouse, while bringing both of you closer together. You will experience a break through in your relationship that seemed impossible before. The cost associate with attending a Gottman retreat is around $7,500 (Travel, Meals and Lodging is not included).


5) Marriage Boot Camp

Perhaps one of the most popular entries because its celebrity association on Wetv is Marriage Boot Camp. This is more of a workshop than a private retreat.  Located in Texas this program offers a lot of value to couples who cannot afford the more one-one experience. This program even offers scholarships to couples that may need financial assistance.

Instead of approaching the subjects of therapy and counseling head on, Marriage Boot Camp tackles survival skills. They throw physical obstacles at the couples in attendance, forcing said couples to learn to work together, think on their feet, and rely on one another for success.

6) Retrouvaille Marriage Retreats

Retrouvaille Marriage Retreats don’t just offer their services in the United States, but they also stretch beyond America’s borders to encompass a wider arsenal of therapy techniques. Most of their programs are not simply one weekend out of the year, but multiple weekends over the course of two to three months.

This intensive marriage weekend is not for the faint of heart; it requires a longer commitment to your partner and to improving your relationship with your partner.

7) Sedona Soul Adventures

Sedona Soul Adventures may be the most adventurous entry on our list today. Working with over forty counselors and therapists with more than one hundred years’ combined experience in intensive marriage counseling could give hope to even the most distraught couple.

With so many practitioners, it is is to see that each participating couple will be focused on individually. Their needs will be met and specific goals and plans will be laid by their counselors, all while exploring the vast Sedona desert wilderness and maybe even finding an inner love of nature, as well as rekindling the romance between you and your partner.

8) Marriage Fitness

As an alternate, if getting away for the weekend doesn’t suit your demanding life, there is also Marriage Fitness. This is an at-home program that makes use of today’s technology with computers, tablets, and phones. Boasting a ninety percent success rate as well, if you can’t convince your partner to run away for the weekend, perhaps you will have better luck speaking to a therapist on Skype.
Don’t let your marriage suffer.

There are dozens of ways to help your spouse and yourself in a marriage, especially if the two of you are experiencing a difficult time. Managing money, working long hours during the week, maintaining a social life, raising children of any age, and coping with your in-laws is enough to drive any husband or wife insane. If you are feeling as though the strings in your relationship have become pulled too tightly, speak to your significant other about getting away for the weekend. Drop the kids off and Grandma’s house and plan to spoil yourselves with a bit of a road trip.

Find what it means to be patient with one another again. Learn how to work together in ways you did not even know possible. Conquer obstacles and devise a life plan that leaves you both satisfied. Remember what it was like when you first fell in love and decided to commit yourselves to one another for the rest of your lives in the first place. Fall in love again, and love unconditionally, stronger than ever before.