List of Marriage Retreats

In today’s society, it is difficult to make a marriage work. Most people do not view holy matrimony as it once was, and inevitably their unions end in divorce.

However, there are a number of ways that couples can work on themselves as individuals and their relationship with their significant other.

One of the best methods of fixing or improving one’s marriage is through a hyper focused Christian marriage intensive.

An intensive marriage weekend is not something that most couples think of when trying to save their marriage, but attending an intensive counseling sessions with a licensed therapist for 2, 3, or 4 days can literally transform your relationship forever.

These retreats and their service providers counsel couples from all walks of life, no matter how long you’ve been married or how bad your relationship have gotten.

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Located in Kokomo, Indiana, the best thing about this retreat has got to be the one on one approach.

They take care of your needs singularly as a couple, with no group therapy sessions. To begin with, you start off with a free consultation, where they can tell you what will best suit your marriage and if they can help your situation. It is easy to trust as they diagnose before you even get there. You will know if they can help you with their approach, or not.

Besides that, you also work with therapists trained specifically to help couples, and who approach your own unique situation rather than a blanket resolution.

Most of all, you can expect complete privacy as you receive help. There won’t be any awkward shuffles within a group setting, and you can be certain each solution is tailored to you. One weekend is all it will take for you to see a marked change in your relationship.

Through exercises guided by your therapist, you will be able to see hidden issues you might not have considered, and solutions on how you might fix them. The work you need to do is much easier with their help. You can easily consider it a peaceful haven to work on the long-term strength of your relationship.

Want to know more? You can find out more about them by visiting this company’s official website below.

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You can look forward to an easy going, tranquil weekend on with the weekend to remember. There are several locations all over the country. Everyone is welcome, from newlyweds to almost divorcees.

Having been around for over 40 years, the focus is on teachings straight from the Bible, and how to apply them.

The three main tenets you will learn about are communication, oneness, and love for the marriage. These tenets are taught in a lecture format, with some time allocated for projects with your spouse.

You can invite others to the events, where you can stay at a getaway hotel at discounted prices.

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This is the largest institution on the list. They are located in the US and Canada, and sessions are offered in a variety of languages, including Korean, English, Spanish, and French.

Besides that, they tend to more than one faith. After all, marriage is a union that transcends faith and language through love.

They delve into practical communication techniques to keep your marriage healthy. On top of this, they also offer weekend retreats for Catholic priests. Their connection to the Church is similar to the covenant of marriage, and as such, need assistance in maintaining this link to the congregation.

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At Fan the Flames, 25 hours of coaching and counseling are provided for in a group setting. Accommodation is provided for, with private room and bath as well as towels and linens.

A coaching couple is provided for in each group, with follow-ups over the course of 15 weeks afterward. For locations and more information, you can go to

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Located in Rome, Georgia, and the Ozark Mountains, this weekend intensive provides the perfect escape from daily distractions.

Surrounded by mountains and space, the only thing to do is to delve into your problems and find the source of pain. Visit Focus On The Family Retreat below for information.

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Using the group counseling method, several couples have found solace at the Winshape Marriage Retreats.

They aim to strengthen your bond with both your spouse and God for a long-lasting union. Nearly every weekend finds a retreat in progress, with host couples facilitating the growth and transformation process. It is located in Atlanta, Georgia. More information at

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This intensive is focused on growing you and your marriage through one on one counseling. On top of that, each intensive is customized based on your calendar and needs.

The focus is finding your pain points and the recurring issues that you as a couple deal with. There is always more than meets the eye with consistent arguing, and in this intensive two days intensive, you are bound to get to the bottom of the situation. It is also led by highly trained experts on marriage and family.

They are located in 8 places around the US. If you need to find out more about them, please feel free to go to

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Here, you will find more than you expect, as the retreat focuses on couples as a whole, as well as individuals. Their name can tell you they will stop at nothing to help you improve your situation, with a 4-day program designed around three different categories of people.

That is men, women, and couples. All of this is infused with scriptural teachings of forgiveness and love, which intensify the healing process. You can even find additional material on their websites, such as blogs and podcasts to supplement what you learn after you leave.

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Retrouvaille Marriage Retreats don’t just offer their services in the United States, but they also stretch beyond America’s borders to encompass a wider arsenal of therapy techniques. Most of their programs are not simply one weekend out of the year, but multiple weekends over the course of two to three months.

This intensive marriage weekend is not for the faint of heart; it requires a longer commitment to your partner and to improving your relationship with your partner.

Company Details:

John and Wendy Godfrey are founders of  Marriage Rescue Associates, they are well respected christian marriage counselors in Charlotte, NC. They’ve been counseling couples with deep rooted issues for over 25 years. Although they have a faith-based curriculum, they won’t reject services to non-religious couples.

They are third on our list because they flat out “get it.” They really have a unique after care program offering 6 months of phone follow-up sessions to ensure that your relationship is growing in strength.

We know a post retreat program is necessary for couples whose marriage were in crisis mode.  For continued growth after your retreat is over, Marriage Rescue check all the boxes.

The packages start at $2795 for 3 days, $3695 for 4 days and $4595 for 5 consecutive days. Meals, transportation and lodging are not included in the price. Marriage Rescue Associates are a non-group intensive program meaning that you and your spouse will have complete privacy. You will get one-on-one attention, and won’t get shuffled between a number of different therapist.