Therapist in Baltimore, MD

African American marriage counselors in Baltimore provides suitable answers for people looking for answers to the question, what are the most effective ways to fix my marriage through counseling?’ Read on to find out how counseling can help you and your partner reconnect and go back to being the perfect couple you were when you first starting seeing each other:

About African American Marriages in Maryland

The relationship between couples in an African American marriage is one of the least understood dynamics. In the storm of changing roles caused by the economy, self doubt, poor communication among others, African American couples are seeking counseling now more than ever.

The good thing is that therapists and counselors have studied the workings of love. The very best have narrowed it down to love in a uni- racial marriage, such as between an African American brother and an African American sister.

Therefore, you can bring all your marital problems and issues to the counselors in Baltimore and they will help you get back on track with your marriage. Instead of starting to plan how you will survive in case of a divorce, concentrate your efforts on making your marriage work. In this line, use African American marriage counseling in Maryland to strengthen your will (and that of your spouse) and reconnect the broken links in your marriage.

Things Marriage Counselors Know About a Relationship

Relationship counselors usually know the following about your marriage:

1. Fighting Couples

Couples who come into the counseling chambers fighting are the best. It shows that they still have some feelings for each other. It is more difficult to reconcile a couple that has drifted to indifference.

2. Feelings and Speech

A partner who says, my feelings just don’t exist anymore’ is probably cheating.

3. Unity in Rebellion

Some counselors will tell you not to have sexual intimacy until the next session. However, what they are really hoping is that you and your partner will fail, feel united in your mutual rebelling and start mending your love.

4. Don’t Talk to Friends

You may feel better after talking to a good friend about the rocky aspects of your marriage. However, this often makes things worse. Your counselor will advise you never to talk to any other outsider about the marital issues, just to the counselor and in the presence of your spouse (after you talk to your spouse about these problems).

African American Counseling in Maryland Reduces Divorce Rates

In the same way, when you go to a counselor who specializes in African American marriages, chances are high that they will help you reduce your chances of divorcing. They will show you how to:

a) Banish criticism

b) Evade contempt

c) Reduce defensiveness

d) Stop stonewalling

These are some of the major causes of divorce among African American couples. However, by going for therapy sessions with your loving partner, the counselor will help you deal with each problem slowly and carefully until the unresolved matters are left in the past.

Overall, your marriage will re-blossom and start growing for the mutual benefit of the marriage and the needs of each partner.