How Can We Help

Most of us experience stress, guilt, anxiety, depression or loss at some point in our lives, and being able to share those feelings can be incredibly helpful.

While talking with friends or family may be comforting, that may not completely address your emotional needs and concerns. Now you can connect with an online counselor from the comfort of home at an affordable price via Skype, ooVoo or Facetime.


Why hire a Better Black Marriage Coach?

Though there is no clinical difference between Video Counseling and in-office therapy, there are tremendous benefits in the access and convenience of  video coaching.

Access – Easy to find a pre-screened, high quality provider that fits your needs.

Convenience –Schedule a time to meet with your coach that works for you – not the other way around.

Comfort – Going to a therapists office can be scary. With our system, connect at the place you’re most comfortable.



Video Visits With Relationship Experts

Stress. Relationships. Depression. Now Tackle Your Emotional Issues – Without Leaving Home.

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