Licensed Therapist For Couples in San Antonio, Texas

Marriage is meant to be a long-term commitment between two people.  This is agreed upon at the wedding ceremony, and all seems well.  As time passes, obstacles can arise that threatens this agreement.  Sometimes the challenges pass.  However, some challenges may need to involve a counselor for the couple to survive.  Realizing that you need the help of a counselor is an important first step.

Once you realize that you are in need of outside help, the next obstacle is finding a counselor that you trust and respect.  This can be a difficult task; it is often troubling to speak of the problems, let alone share them with a complete stranger.  However, once you find a trustworthy counselor, you are on the road to repairing the relationship.  The following counselors are reputable members of the San Antonio community.

Dottie J. Miller

Dottie Miller is a marriage and family therapist with over 30 years of experience.  These years have practice have given her an understanding of how to deal with issues that arise in marriages and families.  She prides herself on being able to help family get out of tough situations.  She focuses on creating goal-oriented solutions to each problem, allowing the family to return to a strong, conducive state as soon as possible.

Miller focuses her work on the adult members of the family.  These members are going to be most affected by her solution-oriented process, as they are able to fully comprehend the process, as well as the sacrifices or benefits involved.  Her processes are based on Cognitive Behavioral studies and Re-decision therapy.  She works with both individuals and couples in sessions, and is also available for sessions in French.  She prides herself on being accessible and reasonably priced.

Derek Elder

Mr. Elder is a newer therapist who specializes in improving family and marital dynamics.  He is goal-oriented therapist who works with families as they navigate the difficult areas of life.  He is non-judgmental and has a culturally-diverse clientele.  He focuses on the improvement of the individual, with the belief that personal betterment will flow into the relational aspects of one’s life.

Mr. Elder is a Christian therapist who works with all ages and groups of people.  He takes on children, adolescents, adults, and seniors as clients, and works with them to meet their goals.  He uses Relational therapies, life-coaching techniques, and other methods to create the best solution for each client.  He works with individuals, couples, or groups during sessions depending on the needs of the clients.

Ms. Jeannette C. Santos

Ms. Santos is an experienced therapist who has also been married for 34 years.  She focuses on helping couples and families collaborate and solve problems that come between them.  She focuses on building compassion and trust within these relationships, and helping the members grow towards reparation and a strengthened relationship.  She also helps build the spiritual strength of the couple, seeing faith as a means of building the relationships of her clients.

Ms. Santos uses a combination of techniques that include Cognitive Behavioral and Imago methods.  She works with individuals, couples, or groups during sessions depending on the clients and issues being dealt with.  She works with adolescents as well as adults and seniors.  She focuses her work on the Hispanic and Latino communities, and offers sessions in both English and Spanish, and offers counselling from a Christian perspective.

Marriage Retreats

Sometimes it is difficult to find the time to put into counseling, or perhaps the financial commitment to extended counseling creates the need for an alternative measure.  Marriage retreats are an option that can be helpful for couples.  The theory behind these retreats is that when a couple is removed from their routine, they will be able to better focus on the marital problems at hand.

These retreats tend to take place at holiday locations.  The belief is that when a couple is in a quiet, relaxing place, they will be able to deal with relational problems more clearly, allowing greater growth to take place.  It also makes the weekend more enticing to attend.  The retreats are often put on by church groups or therapy centers, and are led by counselors who give seminars throughout the retreat.  There are also times of group and couples therapy available during the retreat.

In San Antonio, an organization called San Antonio Marriage Initiative is attempting to help couples in the region by offering a multitude of different retreats.  These retreats are usually 3 days in length, and are led by Christian counselors who are experienced in helping couples truly grow together.  There are retreats for every level of relationship, from those on the brink of divorce, to those who want to improve an already strong marriage.  These retreats focus on building strong marriages within all levels, with the belief that marriage is intended to be permanent.

Top Rated Marriage Therapist in Jacksonville, Florida

As time goes by, even the best marriage encounters struggles.  These marital challenges do not always indicate that your relationship is weak, but just that you are human.  If you are willing to work through the problem, many issues can be solved.  If you get to a point where there is no progress being made, this is the time to meet with a marriage counselor (also known as love therapy).

These counselors are available to help you and your spouse work through the challenges being faced.  They are trained to specifically aid you in your decisions.  However, it can be difficult to find the right counselor for you.  Not only must they be trained and educated, but you must also feel comfortable and trusting towards them as you will be sharing personal information freely during your sessions.  If you are in the Jacksonville area, the following counselors are great options.

Kathleen Estlund

Kathleen Estlund has been a counselor for over 10 years.  She focuses on helping clients work through transitions in life, ensuring that they are prepared and focused on the future.  She has spent time working with clients suffering from a number of different afflictions such as grief, trauma, substance abuse, and other issues that would put strain on relationships.  Through this, she has become adept at understanding the desires of the client, and offering solution-based treatment of the problem.  As well, she has a legal degree, and is part of the Family Court wing of the justice system, making her a great asset when dealing with divorce and family legal issues.

Estlund uses a number of different therapeutic methods such as coaching and Solution Focus Brief methods to ensure that her clients are focused and prepared on meeting their relational goals in the future.  She is available to work with all ages of clientele, and offers reasonable rates.  She is open to individual, couple, or group sessions depending on the obstacles being faced,

Mrs. Debbie Davis

Mrs. Davis has been a counselor for the past three years.  She has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, as well as an undergraduate in Christian Leadership.  She has also been married for 28 years.  As a counselor, she focuses on solution-based therapies that are achieved through improved self-awareness and introspective examination.  Through her mixture of experience and training, she has the ability to lead her couples through their areas of weaknesses and strengths to ensure that they properly understand their relationship.

Mrs. Davis uses multiple therapies including Dialectical and Narrative methods.  She offers 7-week programs to diagnose and provide methods of improvement for marriages.  As well, she offers premarital counseling sessions, and can officiate weddings if requested.  She offers counseling to adolescents, adults, and seniors, and is available for individual, couples, or family sessions in her comfortable and secure office.  She offers reasonable rates, and her multi-faceted service allows for efficient, focused solutions and growth in your relationship.

Lifestyle Management Counseling

Ms. Stephanie A. Jones, who heads Lifestyle Management Counseling, is a Clinical Social Worker/Therapist who specializes in marital and familial counseling.  She has over 8 years of experience, and works with spouses to achieve their marital relationship goals while helping to reduce the stress and discord on the relationship.  Her treatments focus on the strengths of the relationship, with growth moving outward from those strengths.  She believes that each situation is unique, and allows her counseling to be completed in traditional sessions or via the internet.  She is an expert in web-based therapy, and sees it as a measure to deal with the lifestyle limitations of her clients.

Lifestyle Management Counseling is available for all, but has a specific focus on helping African-American, Hispanic, and Latino couples.  Sessions are available in either English or Spanish, and as aforementioned, can be completed in person or via the internet.  Ms. Jones uses a variety of therapeutic methods such as Cognitive Behavioral and Family Systems therapy, and uses these methods to reiterate what the clients do well, and encourage them as they grow through their weaknesses.  She is available to clients as young as age 11, and offers sessions to individuals, couples, or families.

Marriage Retreats

Marriage retreats are sometimes a viable alternative to scheduled counseling sessions.  While they do not offer the extended advice or personal service on the same level as a therapist, they also do not require the time commitment, and are often less expensive.  These retreats are designed to create an atmosphere where spouses are able to relax and focus on solving their problems away from their usual life so that when they return, they have grown together and can deal with their everyday life in a healthy way.  These retreats are often 2-3 days in length, and offer group and couples seminars with a professional counselor.

In the Jacksonville area, one opportunity like this is The Covenant Gateway Marriage Retreat.  This retreat is offered by a non-profit Christian organization with the express purpose of building and strengthening marriage bonds.  It works to create an environment where couples can interact in a carefree way, and also reminisce and discuss what drew them to each other in the first place.  It is believed that when couples are reminded of why they were initially attracted to their spouse, they will be able to take that understanding and attitude, and be encouraged to grow together.

Marriage Counseling in Las Vegas: Couples Therapy in Nevada

A marriage is a commitment made by two people who believe they will be together forever.  However, there may come a time when one spouse, or possibly both, begin to wonder if it is worth the effort to work on their relationship.  Situations and events happen throughout life, and they can act as an outside influence on a marriage.  While it is honorable to try and work through these problems as a couple, it is important to know that there are trained professionals in your area that are available to help you and your spouse work through the issues in your relationship.

It is important to pick the right counselor; this person will be privy to your most intimate thoughts and feelings regarding your spouse and, in many cases, yourself.  The sessions need to be comfortable, and the clients must feel secure and safe with the therapist.  The following therapists are reputable members of the counseling community in the Las Vegas area.

Ms. Keisha Weiford

Ms. Weiford is a Marriage and Family Therapist who has over 10 years of experience.  She focuses on helping all clients with their relationships, regardless of where they are at in life.  She offers help to singles and married couples, as well as helping divorced families through the issues that arise.  She sees her purpose as to help create and maintain meaningful relationships for everyone.  She is also a founder and director of Family Solutions Inc., which is a non-profit organization that offers counseling and education to families who are separating or going through divorce.  She offers counseling not only for adult family members, but also child-parent relationships.

Ms. Weiford uses a variety of approaches to ensure that she guides the client using the best-suited therapies for their situation.  She uses coaching methods and Mindfulness-Based Therapy, among others, to help clients build stronger, more durable, and more exciting relationships.  She offers counseling to all ages of clients, and offers sessions for individuals, couples, and families.

Ms. Luciana Jones

Ms. Jones is a new therapist who spend 20 years in the education community.  Because of this, she sees herself not only as a therapist, but also a teacher and guide.  She believes that marriage and family relationships should be fought for, and that positive thinking can improve most situations.  She is a Christian counselor who believes that people begin to grow through encouragement and guidance.

Being a relatively new therapist, Ms. Jones has been trained in a number of different modern approaches.  She uses Narrative and Solution-Focus Brief therapies, as well as a number of other approaches.  She focuses her work on the African-American community; she also has a degree in African-American History, giving her educated and experiential insight into the problems specifically facing this community.  She offers sessions to all age groups.  Sessions are also available in Spanish, as well as in English.

Ms. Gail Silva

Ms. Silva is a Christian therapist who has been in practice for 5 years, and received her training in Marriage and Family Therapy from Regis University.  She is trained to work with the entire family as the deal with issues at hand, and focuses specifically on helping victims of abuse conquer their past and move on to live a fulfilling life.  She believes that as individuals improve themselves, they will also improve their decision-making skills; this ensures that growth is continuous and permanent.  She believes that the family environment should be nurturing and helpful to ensure that children continue to grow and mature, regardless of the marital state of their parents.

Ms. Silva utilizes a number of different therapy methods, including Cognitive Behavioral and Solution Focused Brief therapy.  She also is adept at modifying the modes of communication based on the client; she utilizes movies, discussion, roleplaying, TV clips, and other modes to ensure that the clients are engaged and open when dealing with the familial issues.  She takes on clients of all ages and offers individual, group, and couples sessions.

Marital Retreats

As much help as counseling is, it sometimes is not seen as a viable option for families due to scheduling or finances.  An alternative is attending a marriage retreat.  These retreats are often scheduled for holiday destinations such as camps or hotels, and are run by counseling agencies, churches, or other institutions.  They offer couples the opportunity to relax and retreat from the daily routines that surround them, and to focus on the obstacles in their relationships.  The retreats also offer counseling in group or couples sessions, with therapists and counselors available to help couples through their issues.

In the Las Vegas area, one option for marriage retreats is SOS Couples Retreat.  They offer two types of retreats: a group retreat with 6-12 couples, and an intensive retreat with only 1 couple, and the counselors.  The group retreat is less formal and focused on improving marital relationships, while the intensive retreat is to help couples work through major issues such as infidelity.  These retreats are offered in the Las Vegas area (as well as other cities), and can be a great resource for couples who are seeking assistance to salvage their marriage.