North Carolina

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Derwin S Isaiah, MA, NCC, LPC, Charlotte, NC 28207

If you have a child or teen in your life, you’ve probably done your fair share of worrying. Perhaps you’ve noticed that your child is becoming more irritable. Maybe you question whether th

Brandon Risher, M.A., L.P.A., Charlotte, NC 28210

Intimacy and vulnerability are two sides of the same coin. We tend to have a desire for intimacy but fear being vulnerable. The decision to enter the counseling process may involve letting go of stigm

Dr. Melisssa E. Tate, LPCS, Counselor, Charlotte, North Carolina 28211

I am a thriving mental health professional with practical experiences in both public and private domains of behavioral health from the past 10 years. Before relocating to North Carolina in 2012, I was