Cassandra Richmmond-Avellaneda, MA, LiMSW - New York, NY 10003

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My focus is on relationship counseling and therapy using a Relational/Systems approach (among others).
I’m interested in working with couples from any racial/cultural background, but also would include, bi-racial, and LBGT couples as well.
I work with Individuals who desire to understand how relationships (or lack of one) have an impact their lives.
I also provide relationship coaching for the pre marital (how much does love have to do with it?) or post marital couples (letting go).
My practice also speaks to issues of complicated grief, making and living a child-free marriage, issues arising from the choice to adopt.
My practice speaks to the genealogical and social dimensions of who we are in couples and as individuals. How do the immigration stories of our families impact us. The goal in mind is to understand how familial themes & legacies influence and sometimes predict the outcomes of our relationships.

Type Clinical Social Work/Therapist
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