Shar'ron Mason, MA, LMFTA, Indianapolis, IN, 46208

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Shar’ron Mason loves working with adolescents and their families, couples and individuals. She received her Master’s of Art degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Christian Theological Seminary in 2015 and is passionate about partnering with her clients to create the lives that they desire. Shar’ron realizes that it is not situations in themselves that causes much of the distress that pople experience, but it is the meaning that is given to these situations. Shar’ron is a wife, mother, grandmother, friend…and most importantly a Christian. Shar’ron’s spirituality allows her to see clients from a lens of strength, hope and resilience. In working with clients, Shar’ron creates a space of safety in which all persons are able to embark on a journey of healing and growth. Are you looking for a therapist who will meet you where you are and walk beside you along your journey? Give Shar’ron a call (317-762-6136). She would love to have that opportunity.

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