Marriage Counselors in Tulsa

Marriage can be a wonderful experience, but all marriages will also have their rough patches.  Some of these obstacles will be overcome by the couple as they both work through the situation.  However, some situations are more difficult.  At times, one spouse may be prepared to give up on the relationship because of the conflict.  Other situations may have both spouses attempting to save the relationship, but need to be led through the process for healing to take place.  Realizing this need is a difficult, but important, step towards ensuring that a marriage is strong and healthy.

Realizing the need for therapy is important, but it can be difficult to find a therapist in Tulsa.  The relationship between a counselor and their clients must be built on mutual trust and respect.  The proper therapist can be difficult to find, but is integral to the healing process.  In the Tulsa area, there are a number of marriage counselors available depending on your needs and focus in the therapeutic process.  The following counselors are strong choices in your search for help with your marriage relationship.

Mr. Brad Robinson

Mr. Robinson is a registered Marriage and Family therapist.  He has been practicing for 7 years, and is well-known in the community.  Along with his practice, he offers advice through his radio program that is available on AM 970 each Wednesday. He often works with his wife, which allows for an informative perspective for couples.  This marital dynamic helps Robinson offer effective and efficient marriage advice as they deal with many problems.  Robinson focuses on helping couples reclaim disintegrating relationships due to infidelity, communication issues, or lack of romance.

Robinson uses a number of different approaches including life-coaching and Emotionally-focused Couple’s Therapy. This variety of therapies ensures that couples are guided based on their personal needs.  Robinson works with couples, and focuses his work on adults who are in a long-term relationship.  This specific focus ensures that he is well-versed in the specific problems and obstacles facing modern relationships.

Ms. Cynthia Dawson Naff

Ms. Naff is a Counselor who has over 15 years of experience in helping people deal with their relational obstacles.  She focuses on improvement of the individual, with the belief that an improved individual will lead to an improved relationship.  This is seen in her approach to marital counseling; she identifies differences in beliefs between the spouses, then works with the couple to learn new methods of communication that they can use to more clearly share their feelings.  Once this is completed, she helps the couple express their feelings to each other, and gives them guidance in dealing with these newfound revelations.  Throughout this process, the individuals are taught how to be a better spouse.  This process is closely mirrored in her parenting counseling, with the children and parents working through a similar process.

Along with marital issues, Ms. Naff also deals with a number of other problems such as gambling, substance abuse, and grief.  This vast knowledge is available within your sessions as she works through the problems clients are facing; she understands the problems that could be causing the marital issues.  She is available to work with children, teens, and adults, and her office has a very private and comfortable atmosphere.  She works with a number of different therapies, including Gestalt and Learning Theory, and personalizes each plan to suit the needs of the individual and couple.

Lisa Cragar Rose

Lisa Cragar Rose is a Counselor who has been working with clients for over 6 years.  During this time, she has focused her practice on building happy, functional families.  She is an expert at using Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, which focuses on changing the relationship dynamic between parents and children, and attempts to mitigate the effects of anger and attention deficit in young children.  She also works with adults, offering marriage counseling to couples and families alike.

Rose works with all ages of clients, and is focused on family and marriage therapy.  She is a Christian counselor who attempts to be uplifting to all of her clients. Her office is comfortable and secure, and she also offers a sliding pay scale to ensure that her help is accessible to anyone who needs it.  She works with Cognitive Behavioral and Solution Focused Brief therapies, among others.

Marriage Retreats

Marriage retreats are an alternative to sessional therapy that is more convenient or helpful to some couples.  These retreats offer couples some relaxing and private time away from the routine of their home; this relocation helps couples focus on their needs and obstacles, and allows them to forgot the monotony or business that surrounds them at home.  These retreats also offer counseling and guidance, with seminars and sessions (both group and couples) that are focused on improving marriages.  In the Tulsa area, Thriving Marriages offers a multitude of retreats for couples that are focused on specific issues they may be facing.  Some of these retreats are focused on couples who care for autistic children, foster children, or are affected by financial stress.  These focused retreats ensure that the couples are learning how to deal with problems specific to their life situation, and are also a great place to build a support network with other families facing similar challenges.