Why Do Black Men Cheat: Avoiding Men Who Are Players

The reasons why African American men cheat are not set in stone. Since all men are different, so are their reasons for cheating. However, there are some reasons that can be easily identified.

Family Background

Parenting is the foundation of building characters in children. If the children are brought up in a good structured happy home, when they become adults it is highly likely they will take these same principles into their own family. Therefore, if a child realizes that a parent is cheating and for years they see this happening, they are more likely to cheat in their relationships. Cheating has become their norm.

Dose of Ego Stroking

It’s believed that for most men they don’t cheat because they are not getting enough sex at home, they cheat because they want to prove they still have that special something to attract a woman. Men like getting their ego stroked and being able to “seduce” a woman is a good way to get a dose of ego stroking.

Have not found Their True love 

For some men, they cheat because they have not found “the one” yet. Somewhere along the line in their current relationship they realize she is not the girl they want to settle down with. Instead of ending the relationship they find it easier to cheat because maybe they have been in the relationship for so long they find it difficult to break up with their partner. This might not be good logics, but it’s their logical way out.

You Allow Him

You keep taking him back each time he cheats and says he won’t do it again. Overtime he accepts you are fine with him cheating so he sees no reason to stop.

The sad reality is men cheat, black or white. They are preventatives measures women can take to lessen the likelihood of their men cheating.

Choose Wisely 

Don’t go for the guy who you will spot in the bar flirting with every female. If you know a guy is a cheater, don’t go in a relationship with him expecting him to change just for you. Keep your eyes and ears open before getting into a relationship.


Lay it on the Table

From the start of the relationship set boundaries. Let him know you expect the relationship to be monogamous. Say what the consequences are for not living up to the expectations. Don’t give him reasons to assume is he free to cheat because monogamy was not discussed.

Be Very Close to Him

This doesn’t mean stalk him and watch his every move. It means getting to know each other, sharing everything with him. The more someone knows about you the closer they will feel to you. If he feels close to you, it gives him more reasons to not do anything that might ruin the relationship.

Despite the preventative measures, if a man wants to cheat he will cheat. But, doing your part to prevent him from cheating won’t hurt.