Black Therapist in New York City (NYC)

Cynthia Ramos Griffin

Cynthia Ramos Griffin is a licensed psychoanalyst practicing in New York, NY. She graduated from Teachers College, Columbia University in 1974 with an M.A. and M. Ed. in Counseling Psychology. She obtained her certification in psychoanalysis from the Blanton-Peale Institute in 2010.

Ms. Griffin has extensive experience with clients of diverse backgrounds including gender, socioeconomic status, and ethnicity. She combines her empathetic personality and a solid foundation in the essentials of psychotherapy to provide her clients with the guidance they need to progress on a path of personal growth and healing.

She specializes in helping clients cope with depression, anxiety, trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder. She has a unique approach to challenging problems like domestic violence and utilizes pastoral care and counseling as a distinctive therapy for people of faith and spirituality.

Ms. Griffin believes communication is the key to resolving familial conflict and interpersonal relationship issues. She is well versed with the challenges faced by modern-day families and couples. Ms. Griffin also offers premarital counseling to guide couples and preempt any issues that may arise in their relationship down the road.

She has achieved success in dealing with issues as varied as smoking cessation, anger management, and family conflict. She is also qualified to deal with academic underachievement, addictions, grief, domestic violence, and family conflict.

Ms. Griffin utilizes treatment modalities such as psychoanalysis, relational therapy, coaching, and cognitive behavioral therapy to help individuals, couples and family groups.

Benjamin Jackson

Benjamin Jackson is a counselor who provides services to help clients deal with life’s ups and downs by creating meaning and purpose and identifying unhealthy habits.

He works with individuals, couples, families and groups to promote an understanding and acceptance of life’s challenges and the necessary skills to deal with them.

He takes great pride in guiding his clients to dissociate from stress, hurt, emotional wounds and suffering. His therapy approach consists of identifying and assessing toxic behaviors and creating awareness about unhealthy issues.

Mr. Jackson endeavors to integrate psychotherapy and spirituality to help his clients deal with physical, emotional and psychological pain, trauma, or loss.

He believes in treating the person as a whole. Mr. Jackson has experience in working with HIV-positive individuals. He graduated from Mercy College in 2007 and practices in New York, NY.

Mr. Jackson has certificates in pastoral psychotherapy, marriage and family therapy, and group therapy from the Blanton-Peale Graduate Institute from where he graduated in 1999.

Delores Thrower

Delores Thrower is a practicing clinical social worker in New York, NY, and has been a therapist for greater than 10 years. She graduated from New York University and has additional credentials from the New York Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse and The Wellness Institute as a clinical hypnotherapist.

Ms. Thrower specializes in issues such as addiction, anxiety and depression, and her clients include adult individuals and couples from all walks of life. It is Ms. Thrower’s belief that to be successful and content in all areas of their life, people must sometimes seek professional help to overcome the challenges and obstacles in their life.

She works with clients to improve relationships and overcome conflict stemming from diverse causes such as mental health issues, professional challenges, and negative habits. Ms. Thrower seeks to help couples with the use of hypnotherapy to treat dysfunctional relationships and provide a deeper healing and accelerated treatment.