Therapist in Texas

Chevonda Allen

Chevonda Allen is a counselor who graduated from the Dallas Baptist University in 2010 and practices in Dallas, TX. She believes the biggest step for any client is identifying that problems exist and seeking help.

She understands that everyone can feel overwhelmed at some point in their lives and provides therapy and guidance to people dealing with a variety of problems such as anxiety, stress, relationship issues, martial problems, grief, pain and anger management.

She has a non-judgmental, friendly and communicative approach to therapy to help clients feel at ease. She finds great joy in helping people achieve peace of mind and a sense of balance in their lives. She works with her clients to achieve positive change by employing therapy techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy among others.

Ms. Allen is a Christian counselor and incorporates spirituality into her therapy sessions. She believes it is important for individuals, couples and families to adopt a comprehensive approach and address mind, body, and spiritual issues to attain a healthy mental status and achieve their relationship goals.

Alisha Woodall


Alisha Woodall is a trained psychotherapist who works with individuals, couples, and families in the Dallas, TX area. She provides counseling for issues as diverse as self esteem, gender issues, and relationship problems, as well as life coaching and addiction issues.

She enjoys helping her clients identify barriers in their lives and ways of overcoming them to achieve happy and balanced relationships.

She provides guidance in gaining clarity and implementing change to help solve relationship conflict. She believes in walking alongside her clients in their life journey as a means of support and professional guidance to navigate the challenges that life throws at them.

Ms. Woodall graduated from Argosy University Dallas in 2005. She runs a group for people struggling with break ups and losses in relationships and helps clients regain mental strength to get over past experiences in love and face the future with hope and joy.

Ms. Woodall uses treatment approaches like emotionally focused therapy and family or marital therapy to help couples and individuals navigate diverse relationship issues.

Dr. Felicia J. Holloway


Dr. Felicia J. Holloway is a certified counselor who helps clients struggling with emotional conflict, dissatisfaction with life, and relationship issues.

She believes her role is to guide clients and help them gain insight into the underlying patterns in their life that give rise to family conflicts. She provides guidance and support to help clients approach life with a positive frame of mind and learn from past experiences so they don’t repeat the same mistakes.

Dr. Holloway is a licensed professional counselor and licensed marriage and family therapist with a Ph.D. in Family Therapy. She graduated from Texas Women’s University in 2015 and practices in Dallas, TX.

Her specialties include working with couples and families to teach them healthy ways to attain mental equilibrium and overcome difficulties in relationships for a more joyful life.

Dr. Holloway utilizes several different treatment approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy, culturally sensitive guidance, narrative and play therapy, solution focused brief, and family and marital counseling.