African American Marriage Counseling in Washington D.C

Studies show that marriage counseling can help save troubled marriages. If you are experiencing deep- seated problems in your marriage, why not try a time- tested solution that has helped so many people come to terms with their partners, improved relationships and reduced divorce rates?

African American Marriages Counselors in Washington D.C.

Studies have found that many African American marriages end because of poor communication, and failure to meet each other’s emotional needs. Communication is one element in a marriage that cannot be ignored. if left unattended, the likelihood of a couple ending up in divorce court is very high.

Another element that is a leading cause for divorce in the African American community is the fact that many couples fail to seek outside intervention such as counseling. Simply getting an outsider to look at the problem within the confinement of the marriage is extremely beneficial.

About Couples Counseling 

If you have been asking the question, will couples counseling help my marriage?’, then this article is written with you in mind. Read on to find out more about the benefits of marriage counseling:

First, couples or marriage counseling is designed to help you come to a concrete decision about what the future holds for the marriage and for each individual partner. The counselor will encourage you to:

  • Explain your concerns, worries, dreams and hopes
  • Understand your partner better- a core advantage of marriage counseling
  • Manage the inherent differences of opinion in the marriage
  • Improve communication with your partner and with the children (if any)
  • Explore whether the marriage can be saved or it is doomed to ultimate failure (and to find ways through which the marriage can be steered off certain divorce)
  • Talk more, and in a different manner, with a view to improve harmony within the marriage and the family
  • Learn about the most effective problem- solving techniques that work in a marriage
  • Identify your partner’s wants and needs, and fine tune them with your own
  • Identify those things that work well in your marriage and learn how to use these to save the marriage
  • Get closure from past anger, hurts and disappointments
  • Move on if you have already decided to end the marriage
  • Identify the resources the marriage can fall back on to resurrect from the pits
  • Explore the (positive and negative) effects of ending the relationship
  • In case of an affair, learn how to heal and start moving on
  • Learn about the differences that exist between the male and the female brain
  • Get to know your partner (and yourself) better

More often than not, the couples counselor in Washington D.C. you visit will know that one the married partners will be attending the sessions reluctantly. They will do their best to help that partner feel more at ease so that the marriage can be saved for the mutual benefit of both partners.

Overall, note that it is sometimes difficult to save a marriage on your own. This is why you are advised to go for African American marriage counseling in Washington D.C.. The sessions will help your relationship improve steadily and go back to the honeymoon’ period it was at before things started taking a turn for the worse.