African American Therapist in CT

Top Marriage Counselors in Connecticut

No marriage is perfect – discord always enters each relationship at some point.  Some problems are easy to solve, while others are more difficult.  This is when having a counselor can help.  Knowing when you need a counselor to help you through your problems can be difficult, though; finding a counselor you can trust can be even more troublesome.

Marriage and Family Therapists are able to help you through these situation due to their experience and education in dealing with issues holding back marriages and families.  They are trained to offer a secure, safe environment that encourages discussion and honesty about issues.  They are also able to offer solutions or suggestions for repairing the damaged relationships.  If you are in the CT area and searching for a reputable counselor, the following therapists are available to help.

Dr. Wilma Ezekowitz

Dr. Ezekowitz
is a psychologist with over 20 years of experience.  Previous to being trained in psychology, she was also a physical therapist.  This understanding of physical growth, illness, and limitations is available and helpful within her psychological work.  She has worked with many different groups including schools and veterans, where she has melded these skills to best understand the patient.  She is a great listener and believes in meeting and understanding clients where they are at first, and then moving towards growth and development.

Dr. Ezekowitz has an office that offers a safe and comfortable environment for clients of all ages. She works with children, youth, and seniors, as well as adults.  Sessions can be completed as an individual, couple, or group; this ensures that the problem is dealt with by all who are involved, allowing growth to become consistent and permanent.  She creates an individualized therapy plan using Cognitive Behavioral and Play therapy (among other methods) in an attempt to best reach the client where they are at mentally and emotionally.

Pamela R. Aiken

Pamela Aiken
has only been practicing therapy for 6 years, but was a registered nurse for 19 years preceding her Marriage and Family Therapy practice.  This gives her significant experience working with people who are in need of help.  She works with the hope that healing of whatever issue is troubling the client will bring change.  Besides her practice, she has worked with many community organizations; she has experience dealing with addictions, abuse, and trauma, allowing her to understand clients regardless of the state they enter counseling.

Pamela Aiken is a Christian counselor, and practices Cognitive Behavioral and Solution Focused Brief therapies.  She focuses on African-American clients who are struggling with family discord or marital breakup.  She is available to counsel all individuals, from children to seniors, and can accommodate individual, couples, or groups for sessions.

Dr. Gloria Losada-Zarate

Dr. Losada-Zarate
is a psychologist who has been practicing for over 20 years.  She is up-to-date in all practices, and utilizes approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral, Mindfulness, and meditation therapies in order to best solve her patients’ issues.  She has worked in the public and private sectors, and has published academic papers focusing on adolescents and developmentally-challenged persons.  This allows her to be a strong, focused family therapist.  She is able to understand the dynamics of any family, and can then create the proper program to repair relationship problems within that dynamic.

Dr. Losada-Zarate is able to deal with any family regardless of ethnicity, and is available for sessions in Spanish or English based on the client’s preference.  She is also able to work with individuals of all ages, from children to seniors, and understands the differences in perspective and maturation of each of these groups.  She is set up to accept individuals, couples, groups, or families in her practice, and will work to reach the goals of the client.

We Recommend This Couples Retreat For Marriages in Crisis

While a counselor is trained to help in times of marital or familial discord, it can be intimidating to take that first step into therapy.  One option that is less formal is a marriage retreat.  These retreats involve the couple going to a relaxing setting with a group of couples who all are looking to rejuvenate their marriages.  These retreats ensure that the daily routines are left behind, and time is spent focusing on solving the issues present in each relationship.  Couples are given time alone, and also have the opportunity to take part in counseling sessions.  These retreats are often put on by community groups or churches.

One such retreat in CT is the Immaculata Retreat.  Hosted in Willimantic, CT, this retreat focuses on helping couples communicate and connect on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.  This retreat is led by a Catholic priest, and has three experienced couples who are available for couples counseling.  The belief of this retreat is that if participants can learn to communicate with their spouse and grow closer to God, their understanding of each other and daily challenges will change to help create a more cohesive relationship; renewal of relationship with God will aid in the renewal of spousal relationships.