Marriage Counselors in Dallas

It doesn’t matter where you live or what you do, at some point you will reach a point in your marriage where it becomes a struggle to continue on in the relationship.  Sometimes these obstacles pass quickly; other times one (or both) partners need help working through the obstacle.  Realizing the need for a marriage or family counselor is key to getting through these obstacles.  However, sometimes it is difficult to find the correct counselor for your situation.

The following counselors are located in the Dallas area.  They are experienced professionals who will be able to aid you in overcoming your relationship’s obstacles.  The three mentioned come with strong references and serve a variety of clientele.

Victoria Louise Harvey

Victoria Harvey is a professional Marriage and Family therapist with over 20 years of experience.  She is focused on the area of marriage, divorce, and family conflict.  This focus is evident in her studies, and she has become an expert in that area.  She uses cognitive treatments, as well as working with family system therapies among others, to ensure that each family is growing as a unit.  She encourages clients to speak to her before divorce, believing that some relationships can be saved and improved upon rather than ended.

Victoria Harvey works with all types of clients, but has a clientele focus towards African-American families.  She works with all age groups, and includes all ages of individuals in the therapy.  She also uses Buddhist techniques, ensuring that her office is peaceful and soothing, and employing these techniques to help clients through their issues.  She often works specifically with adolescents, who she sees as having a different perspective and mode of dealing with issues, social or familial.  She ensures that these young individuals are not left out or alienated in the counseling process.

Trisha Cavins

Ms. Cavins is a counselor focused on family growth, with a specific emphasis on dealing with adolescent problems resulting from (or causing) familial discord.  She has over 15 years of professional experience in this area, and has worked in many different facilities including runaway shelters and teen pregnancy homes, as well as in-practice counseling.  This experience has given her an understanding of how youth think and deal with issues, as well as where their approach is flawed.  She has a laid-back atmosphere to her counseling, and desires to be a secure place for personal growth.

Ms. Cavins is a Christian counselor, which comes through in her methods and beliefs regarding treatment.  She uses an eclectic mixture of therapies, including cognitive behavioral therapy and play-based therapy among others, to achieve a solution to each issues.  She also believes that individual problems can only truly be solved within the familial unit; as such, she works to include all members of the family in the treatment plan.

Cedric Wood

Dr. Wood is a counselor with a PhD in Psychology.  He has over 10 years of experience in private practice, and has also written an e-book that is available via his website.  He has focused his studies on marriage and family therapy with the intent of helping people have fulfilling relationships.  He is focused on the individual in therapy, and will personalize all treatments and activities with the expressed purpose of best aiding you.

Mr. Wood is available for sessions in both English and Spanish.  He works with all ages of clients, and is comfortable with individual or group sessions.  This flexibility ensures that a solution is found, even if the issue is larger in scope than was first thought.  By dealing with the family as a whole, Mr. Wood is able to ensure that problems do not recur once counseling is completed.  He uses many interpersonal, psychodynamic, and relational therapies to find the best solution for all involved.

Marriage Retreats For Couples in Texas

Sometimes the most important step to solving an issue is to get away from the routine of life and spend some time focused on the problem.  Marriage retreats allow couples to have a weekend away in a new atmosphere; as well, professional counselors offer couples and large-group sessions throughout the retreat.  This mixture of leisure and learning can be beneficial to many couples as they work through their struggles.

One great marriage retreat in the Dallas area is put on by Marriage Encounter.  This is a Christian organization that allows couples who are working through marital difficulties to spend a weekend away with their partner.  There are no seminars per se, but other couples who have worked through the retreat and have found relationship success because of it are there to help guide couples who are struggling.  This retreat is available for a fairly nominal fee, and deals with a number of different problem areas in relationships such as money, family, and sex.